Let the trade begin..

One of our rare blog posts is coming up now! That’s the good thing when you call it a blog – you’re not forced to publish only news but can leave a note once in a while.

So – the tour has started last week and as we all know Per took along a bunch of guitar picks in every color you can imagine. For me – the special thing about these picks is that you have to catch them when he throws them at the show. Either you’re lucky or you’re not. It’s been like that ever since and for some fans it was a game, others started it as a competition.

I however liked the idea that he sold his Party Crasher-tour picks at Hotel Tylösand. Just to make sure that those who waited to catch a pick for such a long time finally had the chance to get at least one from this tour. As far as I remember the price was around 2 Euro each? Ok – I never would have bought them anyway, for me it’s a game: either I get one on a show or I don’t. But it’s easy for me to keep it that way since I am much more of a Marie Fredriksson fan. So if she started to throw -whatever- I’d be a competitor in a second, too!

Nevertheless, the trade with the NOTP picks already began. The tour started a week ago and Per’s picks can already be bought on eBay. A friend just sent me a mail telling me that somebody offered her NOTP picks for 12 Euro each. I couldn’t believe it and I still don’t. I mean: it’s a guitar pick. Ok, you guys (seller) want to earn some money with it – I get it. But can’t you try with other stuff like CDs or posters or shirts? For me, these picks have a highly intanguable value and it should remain like that. But maybe I am too old-fashioned when it comes to catching guitar picks!

And no – no harm intended for those who buy them for such a price. I just wanted to point out the original idea about Per Gessle throwing guitar picks! At least what it is for me! BTW: If I find my Gyllene Tider-plec from 2004 I’ll give it away to the first person who comments on this thread – can take a while to find it, though.

If you feel like you want to buy a guitar pick, click here.

9 thoughts on “Let the trade begin..”

  1. Yes, well..let me find the little white thing. As promised – you get it. I don’t need it at all..(I am still happy I caught it but I really can’t remember where I put it..)

  2. Don’t really get it. Of course, it’s a rare item, but to pay 25 euro for this?! Geee, there is other much interesting things made by Per or Marie that are worth this sum, I think.

  3. I’d buy it only if it had ROXETTE written over it. 🙁 😉

    At the end of the CBB shows Marie always threw her tambourine into the crowd. That was something special! Remember I stood in a Dönerbude with the lucky one. 😀

  4. I’m always losing guitars picks (and lighters and everything else) so I would probably not pay that much for one as I would end up using or losing it!

    Seeing Marie throwing her tambourine always makes me laugh – especially in the South Africa video where she has to throw it really far…you could KILL somebody with one of those! 🙂

  5. Another famous pick thrower is Per’s fellow countryman Yngwie Malmsteen. He throws a pick seemingly after every guitar phrase, and has a pick-strip not just on his microphone stand, but several designated pick-stands positioned strategically around the stage.

    I saw him open for Joe Satriani and Steve Vai a few years back, and he drop-kicked a pick which landed on my shoulder and literally slid down into my shirt pocket. It was poetry, I never touched it. Months later I was wearing the shirt again and I thought “hey, what’s this in my pocket”, and there was Yngwie’s guitar pick!

  6. I’m a big PG-guitar-pick lover and already have some…though..I never caught them.. But I ‘d never pay sooo much money for a little plastic thing. That is really stupid and well..I’d prefer a USED guitar pick cause that is much more cooler than a fresh one. I’m collecting guitarplecs for some years already and have some mostly from unknown coverbands. But I like that. A guitarpick (plectrum..how many names are there excisting?) reminds me of a the concert. And it’s even cooler when something is printed on them.
    Bohoo..sad…I’m missing this GT plec too but now I’m too late of course.
    Anyone out there who still has one and don’t want it anymore maybe???

    Thanx to Per anyway that he sold his Party Crasher plecs. 2 – 5 Euros are cool. But not 20 €

  7. I’m a plectrun addicted too. I used to buy them on ebay because as you know, I’m in the other side of the globe! (No more than than €10) But since I started to travel in 2007 for PG tours, THE MAN has being so generous with me that I didn’t need to buy them anymore! Also with autographed postcards! Amen! (this is another stuff that is very expensive on ebay!)
    Well the last plectrum I got was in Stockholm, may 10, Per took it from his month and came in my direction, in the front row. Many hands came on his direction too, so he pointed me and hold his hand again! A w-o-w-moment!
    Well I put the plectrum in a plastic immediately! So maybe in the future I could “clone Per” as the plectrum still have his “saliva and DNA” on it!!!! hahaha
    Have fun, be fan and “fight” for a plectrun in the concerts… (so funy when he trows it in the middle of the crowd, don’t you pay attention what happened after…)

    Well Per keep on selling your plectruns to your desperates fans! Ebay is too expensive! (I put this argument in a letter in 2007!!!! rsssss… oops)

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