NOTP tour: Antwerp, November 6, concert #9

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Chris’ hat’s on fire! He left it on stage aft LTYH. Some firecracker messed it up real bad. Terrible smell. Must’ve been his Skånska sweat.

Chris’ hat on fire. Now on

Yes Antwerp! Brutally good show last nite. MF in top shape, Jonas solo on LTYH was magnificent. I had a blast. Thanx. More to come tonite.

Official videos:

Chris’ hat on fire

Fans stories:


From Roxer:

THEY WERE AWESOME!!!! Marie was doing EXCELLENT and I mean EXCELLENT!!!!!
And most important of all it REALLY REALLY REALLY was NOT playback. […] She was really in the best shape I have seen her since she was having her illness! And it WILL only get better, I bet you! When they entered the stage, they both had a strange and dangerous look in their eyes as if they were gonna conquer the world and let them know that’they still Rock! And boy, they did ROCK!!!
I am really happy to bring you the good news and for all of you, forget the first concerts and join in the next shows. I am sure the best is even yet to come! Roxette you ROCK!!!

From Sandra:

Okay, here is my little review from the 6th of November. I really coudn’t wait to come to Antwerp again. I have seen the first two shows and after two weeks reading discussions about Marie’s voice and playback stuff I just wanted to see the good things again. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed and I was soooooo right! The best show that I have seen so far.

It was a totally different and especially Marie looked more comfortable and more relaxed than at the first two shows. Her voice was strong and smashing and it felt great to see them both performing. Per used the catwalk on Joyride as well and during IMHBL and LTYH Marie sat on the barstool at first but it didn’t hold her there and in the middle of the songs she stood up. Like Roxer allready said, they were in top shape! When Per and Marie left the stage at the end of LTYH Per picked up Chris’s hat from the stage and put it on Chris’s head again. He was shaking his head a bit until the hat fell down and there it stayed until the end of the show. We all forgot about the hat until the big final.

Then came some pyro-effects and it immidiately caught fire. In a second there came a guy running onto the stage extinguishing the hat or what was left of it. It really smelled terrible and Per was pointing at the hat telling Marie and Sharon den Adel what has just happened 🙂

After the show Per came out once again. We were 6 people waiting and one of us was a Sharon den Adel fan. I told Per that they are getting better with each show and he answered that this is because they are getting healthier each day. Makes sence to me 🙂 I asked him to sign a photo for my best friend and besides that there was some chitchat. They are working on 11 songs and it will be pure studio songs (no Tourism-suitcase-drums and such stuff) He bought the hat for Chris in Antwerp a few days ago and now they have to see if they can get another one (seems there will be another TV-recording and then Chris needs a similar hat) We got some plecs from him as well… what a generous guy 😉 Then we said goodbye until the next day. Whatelse can a fan want. It was a night to remember…

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14 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Antwerp, November 6, concert #9”

  1. oooooh I hope somebody took videos – this show sounds like it was the best so far

  2. I suppose they already chose these songs they want to work more over the next weeks/months. 11 songs on a new albums seems to be a quite perfect number 🙂

  3. These songs don’t have to be definite. Per spoke about some pre-recordings they wanna do at the hotel. They’ll continue working on it in Sweden for sure. So they may delete and add songs in the coming months. We’ll see where it leads! 🙂

  4. Of course! and I do hope it will happen. Better to record 40 songs and choose the best 10 than to record just 2 (vide: Hits! compilation) and have a problem with the one which should be a single 😉

  5. 40 songs wouldn’t be too bad! 😀 Plenty of extra-material for dozens of compilations… 😛

    Edit: Sure. Do it! 🙂

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