Special about Roxette on Australian TV

Steve from Australia sent us following information:

A 90 minute Roxette Special has aired on Australian TV Channel “TVS”, which is a Sydney Community TV station. The special is a mix of clips from “Really Roxette”, “The Making of Joyride” and
Roxette videos. Some of the videos played were “The Big L”, “Real Sugar”, “Fingertips ’93”, “The Centre of the Heart”, “It Must Have Been Love” and “Almost Unreal” amongst many others.

The special aired on Prime-Time at 8:30pm on a Saturday night (Eastern Daylight Time!).

It has been a long time for us Aussies since we’ve seen such dedication to Roxette on Australian TV, even though it is Community TV.


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  1. Oh, nice surprise! Looks like they took it all from the “All Videos” DVD. What does “Community TV” mean? Viewers can build their own programm?

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