Posted on October 12:

Big German radio station WDR2 runs a poll to find the best band of all times. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Roxette high up there?

The poll ends November 5 and a big countdown will be broadcasted November 7 and 8. The website is in German but it’s easy: Just choose “Roxette” from the list, click “weiter”, type in the code, choose “Nein, …” and click “jetzt abstimmen”. Ready!

Additionally you can win 200 albums or a journey, tickets and a meeting for concerts with Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys or Nickelback. If you want, just choose “Ja, …” and fill in your data and click “jetzt abstimmen”.

On WDR2: Info page (in German) | The poll

PS. You can listen to WDR2 via livestream.

Update, November 8: Roxette made it to number 50!

Not bad, taking into acount how many new artists/bands appear on the hitlists every year. Keep in mind that this voting was heavily influenced by fan groups as the positions of some teengroups (Monrose, No Angels) show… 😉

The result on WDR2