NOTP tour: Antwerp, November 8, concert #11

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Fab show this afternoon. We all love the matinees. Screwed up a bit on LTYH but hey.. it’s live and live only. Now a day off. Vids tomorrow.

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12 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Antwerp, November 8, concert #11”

  1. This was a “private” show. I added it, though. Maybe we get some more information from visitors. And Per promised videos…so it’s worth it, I think. I really would like to know who and how they screwed up on LTYH.

  2. Yes, I had to laugh when I read it. Still it was playback on two nights last week. 🙂 But I rather hear and see a screwed up live performance than a screwed up playback…

    (I had to think of Aimee Mann. When she screws up a song in the first third she stops singing and playing and starts all over again…I REALLY like that! It makes her so human and nice)

  3. Kiwein, which shows/songs do you feel were playback?
    Just curious, not trying to start any flame war (trust me!)

  4. 28.10/29.10. – IMHBL and LTYH. Watch the videos and then watch the videos of the 25th. Compare them – Marie sings every word in the same way and she even forgets to sing. So you can hear her but she obviously isn’t singing. 😀 I don’t care much about it, believe me. I am just a little pseudo Sherlock Holmes and need to know things. 😀

  5. AFAIK just Oct 28/29. And not all songs.

    Edit: Too late. Watched the IMHBL video in between – without sound…

  6. I find it hard to believe they would use playback with the wrong lyrics?!! Surely if they were doing it playback they would correct the lyrics, i mean really?!

  7. No wrong lyrics on the 28th and 29th – you hear Marie but she doesn’t sing. 😉 Wrong lyrics the nights after the 29th – Marie sings live. If I had known what I would start with this I never had written anything anywhere..

  8. Meanwhile just checked out that link of IMHBL! WOW! Marie did a great job! She doesn’t have the same range anymore but she still sings with a lot of power & heart. Oh and I don’t think she stuffed up the words even once 😉 I think she is finding her feet again 🙂 Was this from the last couple of shows?

  9. Yes, I guess it’s from saturday. She’s definitely out of this world like Per says in the last couple of shows. Still don’t know who and how they messed up LTYH yesterday but in the end: who cares? As I said: I rather see a screwed up live performance than a screwed up playback. 😀

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