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Per Gessle’s comments:

Arnhem! Yes! Great show tonight in this huge indoor stadium. Vids available tomorrow, dear you.

Official videos:

Backstage: Love Hurts | Syster Jane | Chairs | Sledgehammer | Deep Voices

Fans stories:

From Kiwein:

Great show with a sometimes lazy audience. Roxette rocked da house. The Look was great because Marie sang the Na na na nas at the end of the song to the melody of the na na na nas in Hey Jude. I loved that! The venue didn’t convince me at all.. don’t know why it was just ugly.

Marie seemed to be nervous again on WICF and lost the subways again but rocked the 2nd part of the show away. I truly believe that her voice was never better than now. I love Listen to your heart and if it was for me I could listen to this song five times in a row.

I was lucky since I had a seat right next to the stage entrance for the artists. When Marie had left the stage after the flower ceremony I shouted: “MARIE” and she looked up. Before a steward pushed me away I could shout “YOU WERE GREAT” and she smiled and replied: “THANK YOU”. That made worth the trip! And the splendid hilarious meeting with Clarence, Christoffer, Pelle and Per, presents, hugs and kisses afterwards, haha.

YouTube clips:

Joyride | It must have been love | It must have been love and Joyride | The Look | The look II | Wish I could fly | Wish I could fly II | Listen to your heart | Listen to your heart II

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