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Per Gessle’s comments:

Wonderful show. Arnhem #2. Had a blast. Thanx for singing along. And thanx for the mighty Roxopoly-game we got yesterday. Unbelievable.

Official videos:

Coffee Creamer | Thanks Arnhem | Fanmeeting 1 | Fanmeeting 2 | Fanmeeting 3 | Fanmeeting 4

Fans stories:

From cvanbroekhoven:

I was at the Gelredome saturday the 14th!! It was f*cking great!!! I loved it very much. Marie looked great but also still very fragile. For me that made her the star of the NOTP!! Fragile and strong at the same time!! Per was awesome as always!!! He’s the man!!! He is such a great performer and musician. Looking forward to the new album!!!

ps. didn’t make any photo’s or videos…i didn’t want to miss a thing!!!! ROXETTE 4-ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Skyrider:

I was there on saturday. The first time I’ve seen Roxette live.
Roxette’s performance was a big joyride and with no doubt the best show I’ve ever seen. Marie sang so unbelievable good and what a stage presence – wow!
Per came along at the catwalk, at the end almost the whole audience sang along.
Everyone in the Roxette Band was in top shape and seemed to enjoy it very much, Christopher kicked-ass at the end of LTYH.
The concert was filmed, it would be interessting to know if it was for TV, a DVD or something else

YouTube clips:

Wish I could Fly | The Look | It Must Have Been Love | Listen To Your Heart | IMHBL II | LTYH II | WICF II | Joyride II | IMHBL III
| The Look II | Wish I could fly III | It must have bee love IV | Joyride III | Listen to your heart III

Another round: The Look | IMHBL | Joyride

Roxette at the end of the show

Media reports/reviews:

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