11 thoughts on “Per Gessle is on Facebook!”

  1. he should stick to Facebook, twitter is quite.. one way only. At least on FB one can write comments to the updates and is more interactive.
    Still didn’t get used to Twitter. Too messy for me. Information overflow!

  2. That’s what every one of us wishes to happen, but fear Per won’t have the time to read so many comments…even if there’s the possibility to post them :-/

  3. I am already tired of the “I love you Per, please come to xy” comments… I don’t want to know how HE feels about it, he must read it more often..

  4. I don’t see the need for services like Facebook and Myspace when you have your own website/blog. Those network pages get always forgotten to be updated. The special point of twitter: To be updated fast and easy, even by mobile phone.

    Per should rather relaunch the official websites with more interaction and multimedia content. Like for example http://www.a-ha.com 🙂

  5. Would be interesting to know how curious Per is himself….I mean…..my private pics are my private pics…….I can’t make up my mind right now….hmm…I have to think… 😀

  6. being on facebook, twitter, myspace etc. is just as much (if not more) about promotion than anything else.

    it’s just the standard nowadays. even a-ha (love them btw) have their own facebook page. even though they are not set up to be friends with people, you can be a “fan”

    until the next new hot internet site comes up…

  7. Cool! And if he allows fans to be “friends” with him,even more cooler!!! Well,the world keeps spinning ’round and all you can do is follow!!!

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