NOTP tour: Rotterdam, November 19, #17

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Excellent Ahoy #2 last night. Thanks everyone who joined the party!

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Dutch, English and German fans worked together to make it to the front row and everyone is happy. Have never seen that before. Great! +++ WICF was perfect!! And I think MF enjoyed that we shouted for her. +++ Fucking fantastic. Best performance I’ve seen so far. +++ This show was just WOW! Pelle and Chris agreed about this one being the best so far. MF was GREAT. And this time I could even tell her!! +++ Finally had the chance to meet her and say some nice things and take a photo. The trip was worth everything already. Can’t get any better!

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Wish I Could Fly | The Look | Listen To Your Heart | WICF 2

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