8 thoughts on “Recording of the new Roxette album in Rotterdam.”

  1. 😀 Chris says something about classic demos. So is Per writing more songs on tour? Or actually working on the album versions?

  2. I so hope they will do a bigger (farewell?) tour in a year or two. Think they will get the rox feeling back with NOTP tour.

  3. So besides Tits&Ass, AGM and some Stockholm studio there will be listed also hotel Westin in new album booklet. 😀
    I think that Per is still writing new songs, no matter if it’s during recording new album, so more new demos will come during 2010.

  4. Some (smaller, acoustic?) tour on their own would be fab. But why farewell? Marie & Per don’t look like they wanna retire… 😉

  5. Whatever the sound of these recordings ends up being, I for one have high hopes that they will be awesome. I am glad they are taking advantage of the incredible energy this tour is generating to start recording. Seeing all the recent backstage videos, Roxette hasn’t been so happy and in-sync in years! (Marie especially)

    Like I’ve said elsewhere, it’s going to be a loooonnng winter/spring/summer 🙂

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