So here they move on German roads. “The Night of the Proms” tour turns its name into “The Nokia Night of the Proms” thanks to the main sponsor of this event in Germany. 20 more shows to go!

The Nokia Night of the Proms 2009.

Comment from Project_Z:

The tour has ended for Toots Thielemans, Sharon den Adel & OMD… Here come Alan Parsons (with singer PJ Olsen), Heaven17 & Christina Stürmer…

Will there be surprises on the part of Roxette? Will WICF stay in the first part of show? Will WICF stay in the show at all or will it be replaced with another song (as suggested of a NotP-forum)?
Which classical piece will be replaced by “Le Carnaval Romain”? as this piece is on the CD, but wasn’t played in Antwerp, Arnhem or Rotterdam. Will Swedish Rhapsody leave the playlist, taking WICF along (as suggested of a NotP-forum)?
Will a “new” Roxette-song enter the playlist? Church of your heart to replace WICF?

Questions, questions, questions… to be answered next Friday in Hamburg!