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Per Gessle’s comments:

Hamburg #2 was a treat! Thanx everyone, we had a blast. Berlin tomorrow!

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My first German show after five Dutch/Belgian shows. I missed Sharon den Adel. H17 is an “ok” substitute for OMD, Alan Parsons is great and the show seems “shorter” than it was in Belgium/Netherlands. I missed the effects (pyro) and the catwalk (especially the ppl who walk in at the beginning of the show).

Christina Stürmer is better than I expected, don’t know why she plays only 1 song after the break. Feels a bit like they didn’t know where to put it. They changed the classical parts (to the better if you ask me). WICF is still so-so. I don’t know what I miss about it on this tour but so far I liked it only once when Marie did it the all-bluesy way. John Miles is still great, miss Sharon on Stairway to heaven. If I could is still boring (yes, sorry for that..).

And one thing: I know the organizers decided to do more seated shows to please the people. Apparently ppl wanted more seated shows. But for me it spoils the atmosphere completely. I don’t like it at all and I was really thinking about selling my tickets for the seated shows. I am not 50 yet and I want to party..and I do believe more people want that. Everybody stood anyway and I think the pushing is not THAT bad on a NOTP show..! AND I think there’s much more party with people standing and it’s not so hard for the artists to perform, too.

About last night’s show: Screwed up WICF again, voice great, lyrics, eh, yes, well, no. The Look and LTYH rocked, Marie gave all she has at the end of LTYH, it was fabulous! Joyride was nice, too. And it’s funny to see the audience seems to be fond of IMHBL. Everybody sang along…


It was absolutely fantastic! As Sasha already wrote concerning the first show in HH: No one got more applause. Everyone woke up, stood up when Marie rose like the sun onto the stage. As if she was the one, all had been waiting for. I bet, she was! And she did such a great job! So much strength, so much power!
There were some wrong words in WICF, but you wouldn´t have noticed it without knowing the lyrics by heart. So: no problems. She reached the high notes, she sung so powerful, I´m speechless. What a woman! She smiled and I´m sure that she enjoyed the show! What a power, what a strength on stage! THANK YOU, MARIE! ABSOULUTELY FANTASTIC!

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