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Per Gessle’s comments:

Superb Berlin-show last nite. What a crowd! What a response! Is this South America?

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Fans stories:


Great show, really wonderful! We managed to meet Christoffer and Clarence before the concert – they just walked by us! They were very friendly. There was about 5-6 of us and we all took a picture with them. We all had some little presents for Per and Marie and we asked Christoffer if he could give those to them. He was gladly willing to do that and joked that now he is going back like a Santa Clause!

Marie did very well at the concert, although she got a little confused with the lyrics of IMHBL. But she handled it very nicely and she looked wonderful, too. People were standing up all the time Roxette sang, and most were singing along.

After the show we tried to meet Per and Marie, but unfortunately it appeared that we were waiting at the wrong side of the hall. When the security guard told us that they are on the other side, we took an enormous run! I think I have never run so fast in my entire life. Unfortunately I arrived just in time to see Marie wave to fans and sit on the car. But I got to stand very close to the car and wave to Marie… and she waved back! So it was wonderful. And I am very happy that I had a chance to meet with Clarence and Chris and deliver the presents to Per and Marie. Hopefully next time I have better luck meeting them.

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Joyride | The Look | It must have been love

The Look | The Look

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