NOTP tour: Follow the crew behind the scenes, tourbook!

NOTP tourbook Germany feat. RoxetteSome members of the German proms staff have started to report from the tour regularly. A nice addition to Per’s videos!

Karen’s tour diary | Kuni’s video blog

Menwhile, many reports from visitors have already appeared at the official NOTP forums. The huge majority is very positive about Roxette’s performance. The official site now also features an online version of the German tourbook. Klick here!

Update: Don’t forget choir singer Maurice! About Berlin he writes on his blog:

In any case, the audience reaction was a real success: Enthusiasm at the arrival of Heaven 17, triumph for Alan Parsons and what about Roxette? It was as if the whole of Sweden had made an appointment at the O2 World…

Online translator recommended. 😉

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