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Per Gessle’s comments:

Oberhausen, oh yeah! Thanx for a great evening. Good rockin’ tonite.Mannheim tomorrow, Cheers.

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Official vids from Oberhausen (4) starting here.

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From SuperCynni:

The concert was great, though there were many “quiet” people. they would clap, stand and all, but furthermore…

With “Wish I could fly” Marie came up on a stool though the stage, it was a magnificent view! After the break, when Roxette returned, Marie went into error during the second couplet from “It must have been love”. It was so sad to see the look in her eyes, searching for the words and thankful for everyone who kept singing along to support her.
But Marie was feeling very good and even dared to walk to either side of the stage once, giving the fans a lot to cheer about! Marie’s voice sounded good, much better than NOTP Antwerp (07-11) and equal to Arnhem (14-11).

I made some video images and pictures (though they were taken from the ring side). Am uploading video footage to my hard drive, will post when they’re on youtube. Will also post some pictures to my photobucket. Will also post when they’re up.

Unfortunately, Roxette was transferred with all the other big stars in one big tourbus, so no meet & greets afterwards. Jonas explained on his FaceBook that the driver didn’t want to stop for the waiting fans…

It was a wonderful evening, and Per, Marie, Jonas (also with Alan Parsons, WOW), Pelle, Clarence and Chris rocked

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It must have been love | Wish I could fly | The Look | Listen to your heart

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