NOTP tour: Frankfurt, December 4, #29

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Fans stories:

From Kiwein:

I keep it short, Frankfurt #2 is waiting. Best show so far. It seems Marie reached the top now. Everything is perfect! Per seems to feel better and the Festhalle is cooking. NOTP team should think about more standing concerts. People in their seats seem to fall asleep after 20 minutes. So yesterday was LOUD, GREAT and reminded me of the old times. So all we need is more balloons for tonight’s JOYRIDE.

From roxgirl-germany:

Arriving at the venue at half past seven, I had to wonder once again why there is always such a long queue in front of the ladies’ room. Many people tried to make it to their seats ten minutes before the start of the show, which pointed to a slight trouble with the organisation of the entrance. When I made it to the first balcony, the music had already started, while I had to walk around the entire balcony to make it to my seat on the lefthand side of stage, right i

Looking at the first row, I recognised all faces!! I discovered Jonas, sitting quite near to me. While the classic parts were nicely arranged and the Katona Twins, Christina Stürmer and Heaven 17 were good, I was eagerly awaiting Roxette, who appeared ten to nine.

During the first tunes of Midsommarvaka, I could see Pelle, Clarence and Christoffer enter the stage via stairs behind the electric band, while in the front part of stage, suddenly a hole appeared, allowing the people on the balcony to see a glittering green-blueish suit sitting bent on a chair. The chair was driven upwards, while Per appeared on the righthand side of stage to the tune’s changing into WICF. Hell broke lose. It was a perfect presentation (even with subways!) that was greeted with a lot of cheering, even though I seemed to have been the only one standing in my block all the time. The platform went down again and I could see them stepping down from it, it is low down there.

The show continued with Alan Parsons giving a good performance (with Per’s black acoustic guitar that he uses e. g. for Billy). He dedicated the second song to his late partner whose funeral he attended earlier that day in Glasgow. (I had read about it in the morning newspaper.) He told about it in really good German (he read from the teleprompter) as well as in English. The Katona Twins showed once again what you can do with a guitar and then accompanied John Miles for his first song. Christina Stürmer did another song and a computer game song met Classic Music (while I have to say that was the weakest point of the evening). I had not seen Jonas and thought he had gone backstage to finally get some of the wine that the others always drink (LOL) but he stood on stage with Heaven 17 who continued the show. John Miles gave another performance, and at twenty to eleven, after the “Bolero”, “our” band entered the stage and a piano with Clarence sitting by it was lifted through the stage. (Said piano had quite some fun going up and down that evening.) Marie had changed into the black outfit, and as mentioned several times that evening, this was the comeback of the year. The music turned into The Look and the audience burst into cheers and claps. IMHBL was also a favourite and Marie’s right hand turned into a fist after the successful performance. (“Yeah, that was great!”) “Joyride” was a blast and LTYH concluded the evening. Marie got back into singing bluesy on stage and walked around slowly. After they waved good-bye and left, Oscar took Marie by her arm while she took his. She climbed down the quite steep stairs holding herself on both sides and Per followed her. A man standing next to me shouted “Bravo, Marie!”

The rest of the show were the ever popular “Land Of Hope And Glory” for the audience to sing along as well as John Miles’ masterpiece “Music”.

Everybody was called back for the flower ceremony to receive flowers. Per donated his to the front row (who got them?) while another Roxette fan got those of Christina Stürmer. Marie kept hers which caused her some problems to climb down the stairs, a guard took them and helped her downstairs. While leaving, Per even looked up into the balconies, waving to us.

YouTube clips:

Wish I Could Fly | The Look | It must have been love | Joyride | Listen To Your Heart
TL 2 | IMHBL 2

Media reports/reviews:

BILD Frankfurt: “Roxette comeback enthralls”
dpa/Zeit: “Roxette celebrate moving comeback in Frankfurt”
TV report in HR Hessenschau

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  1. So great to follow NOTP here!!
    I’m a bit behind with posting vid’s.. but I finally found some time to do it! Here’s the updates:
    18-11-2009: If I could, not roxette, but my kids featuring on stage!!
    18-11-09: Roxette meeting fans backstage!!
    19-11-09: Wish I could fly part of it, @ 0.20 min. I lose control over my camera as Marie discovers us in the crowd and points at us hahaha!
    19-11-2009 Roxette followed while getting the flowers, Per filming his Youtube film on stage:
    20-11-2009 The Look. Actually not suitable for publication hahaha! But it’s nice to see the audience clap, singing along and being enthusiastic. Our German friends on the other side of the stage. And watch the end how the “dirigent/director” watches Per when to end the music… I love that!!!:

    More following soon… uploading takes time!

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