NOTP tour: Frankfurt, December 5, #30

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Per Gessle’s comments:

XLNT gig last nite in Ffurt. Pbly the best so far onzetour. The crowd was unbelievably good. So was the catering. Thanx. Nu show in an hour.

Official videos:

Fans stories:

From roxgirl-germany:

The second Frankfurt concert would be a standing one for me. At 6PM, they let people run to the first place where tickets were checked and we had to wait another half hour until we ran past the guys handing out the funny little lights (Got one! Finally!) to get my ticket ripped off to enter the hall. There were quite some people already, I got a nice spot in the bend on the righthand side of stage with a nice view to center stage. The presenter made the same jokes as the day before (respective as on any concert). Christina Stürmer came on stage, greeting the familiar faces of the “Roxette Fan Club”. The rest of the programme was the same as the day before (see my report there).

The crowd burst with cheers when WICF started. It was the same when they came back, the mood was even better than the day before. Marie started to improvise more and got more confident walking around on stage. Per even stepped a bit in front of the stage once, near me, being impressed by the balloons. (“You are crazy!”) During the flower ceremony, a little dolphin was thrown on stage for Marie, she held it and talked to Per quite vividly. A girl near me got Per’s flowers while Marie kept hers.

Next stop: Cologne 1 & 2. And where can I buy balloons?

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Wish I Could Fly | The Look (clip) | It Must Have Been Love | Joyride | Listen To Your Heart (clip) | Flower ceremony

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11 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Frankfurt, December 5, #30”

  1. I knew it was a good idea, to bring along the ballons for joyride. But just when we released them and i noticed Marie smiling at Christoffer about it, i realised, what a fantastic idea it was. Thanks for that, Heike 🙂

    And: no, it were not the argentinians but the german fans. 🙂

  2. Thanks for input! Please check the linked videos before you post more. 😉

    The “Hessenschau” report is about December 4.

  3. Sorry about the new report – the youtube post gives the impression it was about this date and i don’t actually understand German 🙂

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