Per: New album like a modern “Look Sharp!”

Per Gessle was interviewed for Hallandsposten by Jan-Owe Wikström (co-author of “Roxette – The book”) just before NOTP’s Stuttgart gig.

The article reveals some interesting details about Roxette’s first studio album after nine years and their further present and future. I tried to translate some bits:

– I have already written 14 new songs. Two more and we have an album.
– It feels great, admits Per. Studio time is booked in the spring at Atlantis and Polar Studios in Stockholm and with Christoffer Lundquist down in Österlen. Marie wanted to record her vocals in Stockholm, so we decided to have more than one studio this time.
– We test ourselves with different arrangements and so put Marie on vocals. It’s fun to see Marie really passionate for it.
– He describes the upcoming album with the working title “Roxette 2010” like a modern version of Roxette’s 21-year-old breakthrough album “Look Sharp!”.
– Perhaps not the tracks. The production with a lot of machines, but with all the instruments, everything is clearly audible, “idiot-audible” as Clarence says.

About touring:

– There has been a tremendous response, both by audience and media, it’s a very emotional journey, as we have encountered old Roxette fans from around the world and simultaneously a new audience.
– It’s been a long road, but now … it shows really how Marie enjoys every moment, describes Per. Therefore, they are beginning to consider a Roxette tour on their own again.
– The next step would possibly be a 45-minute gig. But full concerts lasting nearly two hours still feel too long.

At the same time they believe to have discovered a greater interest in Roxette again.

– I received an email from Anders Herrlin, who was in New Zealand. He said that Roxette was played several times a day over there and he couldn’t simply understand that, Per laughs.

Source: Hallandsposten

21 thoughts on “Per: New album like a modern “Look Sharp!””

  1. Added few more things. Anyway – very interesting interview over the phone. 45-minutes gig? I’m for! But there should be some kind of concept behind it. And yest, it’s good idea to record in Stockholm this time.

    I do also hope Marie will provide at least one song on the new album… So one year left, ladies and gentlemen!

  2. good news! I think the future of Roxette will be rich so many beautiful things!
    I think the new album will be ready before summer!

  3. Of course it will be ready before summer, but don’t forget about the post-recording process (production, photo sessions, video recordings etc.) So I assume the middle of October 2010 seems to be perfect.

  4. Thanks for your additions! I wasn’t sure to get some of the meanings right via Google translate, so left them out. 😉

    Still don’t get the “idiot-audible” comment though…

  5. Yes, very interesting article. What a great feeling to know that new abum is currently in the progress. It was long 7 years of waiting, but finally this kind of waiting is completely different and so exciting. Agree with tomos, Oct or Nov is the most possible term.

  6. It symbolises Per’s view into the future very good – while certainly not making him look younger. 😉

  7. If you ask me, best Roxette songs were recorded in 1990. Arrangies, melodies, production, sound. So many good songs… Joyride, The Sweet Hallo The Sad Goodbye, Things Will Never Be The Same, Comeback, Queen Of Rain, Spending My Time. So I’ m voting for “Roxette 2010” – modern version of Joyride. 😀

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    The pictures are very nice, but for the booklet I’d wish something more “arty”, with a special theme and expression, not so “casual”.

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