“Night of the Proms” Poland 2011

This became official few weeks ago that “The Night of the Proms” is going to be showed for the very first time in Poland in February 2011. On the Facebook page of this event there is a survey in which you can win 2 free tickets for the Polish show as well as vote for the most interesting artist/group which should play in Arena Lodz (ca 15,000 spectators) in Lodz, the third largest city in Poland. There will be only one concert in Poland and no artist is confirmed at this point.

According to the latest informations, Roxette is winning in the “international artists” category. I do not know if it makes Roxette’s appearance in Lodz more possible, but it is cool to know that Poles have a good taste in pop music 🙂

RMF FM, the largest radio station in Poland, is the media partner for this event. The same radio was promotiong Per Gessle’s “Party crasher” gig in Warsaw this year.

Source: NOTP.pl, NOTP Poland Facebook

P.S. I was also informed that there will be no foreign artists on New Year’s Party in Lodz. So the rumours remain rumours.

2 thoughts on ““Night of the Proms” Poland 2011”

  1. Good to have clarity for the rumors! Might be that Roxette return to play the spring shows one of the coming years. Spain and France would be possible too.

  2. About New Year’s Eve in Lodz – there will be foreign artist – Oceana who launched hit “Cr cry cry” this year. As far as I know there was no negotiation with Roxette. This event budget was too small from the scratch to even make an effort, so they gave this idea up.

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