NOTP tour: Erfurt, December 8, #32

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Halfway thru the Erfurt-gig I must say that the crowd is totally connected, loving every second of what we do. It’s a great feeling. Yes.

Wunderbar gig in Erfurt. Thanx everyone for making it so easy for us. Early rise tomorrow headin’ for Bayern. Jolly Munich – here we come!

Official videos:

Erfurt, we love ya | Danke, Erfurt | Mental hospital | Bus 1 | Bus 2

Fans stories:

YouTube clips:

Joyride/Listen to your heart | It must have been love | The Look

Media reports/reviews:

Thüringer Allgemeine: “A night full of feelings” | TLZ: “Earworm* mix”

*There’s still no English word for Ohrwurm, right? 😉 S.

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