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Per Gessle’s comments:

Superb show in Munich. What have we done to deserve this? Awesome.

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AGM Munich | Situps

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From Ros:

Marie was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!!!

The show yesterday was amazing ! Marie was in top shape since the begining with WICF ! Walked around the stage and danced during TL and Joyride. By the way, the na na na during TL was mixed with the na na na of Hey Jude here as well. ITHBL started with the acustic version with just Per and Marie. Lovely ! Per was very enthusiastic as well, walked down few steps of the stairs there are in the stage. He rocks ! The crowd was very receptive. There were quite a few fans waiting outside Olympiahalle (Sweden, Germany,Russia, Argentina and Uruguay) but ROX left early after the show.

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4 high quality audio recordings

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TV report in Bayern Abendschau