NOTP tour: Bremen, December 15, #37

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Great Bremen show tonite. Marie rocked her sox off, Jonas played Black dog (Zep) as the intro to The Look. Yeehaa!

Official videos:

Official Bremen videos start here

Fans stories:

Fan recording of the whole Roxette performance

YouTube clips:

It must have been love

Media reports/reviews:

Weser Kurier (pre-concert): “About a band that remains forever young”
Weser Kurier: “Roxette is back and celebrated”
Kreiszeitung: “Welcome back, Roxette!”

4 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Bremen, December 15, #37”

  1. The show was fantastic. Marie??? PER-fect. I was a wonderful evening… In the middle of LTYH, a voice “I Love You” 🙂 Marie hadn’t words 🙂 magnific … after the show we went near the bus but their bus was in front of the hotel so we ran to the other side, then a bodyguard said us that there was a passage that connect the hotel to the AWD-Dome…we went there.. we saw everybody but not Rox 🙁 a girl, very nice, opened the door for us and we entry in the backstage… but the Rox there weren’t… we came back to the hotel, in the hall there was a party… we left a messge in the reception for Chris/Clarence but their rooms were quite 🙁 maybe there weren’t there… we tried everything… 🙂 we all were very tired so we went to sleep, waiting the next concert or the next possibility to see them again ….

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