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Per Gessle’s comments:

Great day recording in Chris’ room. 7 songs down so far. Marie’s singin’ takes my breath away sometimes. 2nd Hannover-gig tonite.

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Yesterdays show was terrific!!! To be honest…I really don’t care about who is singing the beginning of “WICF”…..it sounded great anyway ..and normally I’m busy with my shaky legs than so I don’t notice anyway :) …Marie got angry about mixing up the lyrics in WICF again and this time she also got a bit too “creative” with the lyrics during Listen to your heart too….:’). Singing along with “It must have been love” was great and sounded fantastic with the audience even if the hall wasn’t filled as much as yesterday.

I had a perfect seat in the front row right in the middle behind a camera man and we got filmed here and there I guess while we were partying!! My brother and his wife next to me enjoyed the show too very much and got amused as Marie smiled at the faces she recognized, including me. “Hej…she knows you…” And in that second I just had watched Per and didn’t notice…. :) :) I’m a big fan of the first row of concerts and so I enjoyed also the other artists a bit more than in the shows before. You just get more details and you are able to communicate. It was pure fun!
The quote of the day became a sentence I heard from some older ladys during the break on the corridors. They where just busy with discussing the show so far and one of them said: “Well…No..no…that is not Annie Lennox… Annie Lennox is from the Eurythmics….She is named Fredriksson and the other one is named Per.” In german the woman sad SHE by naming Per to and we just couldn’t help and bursted out in laughter some metres away…. Maybe I heard it wrong and they said he…but no..I understood “she”.

In the finale I was so lucky to get the flowers from Per. We suddenly got eyecontact and of course I gave signals that I really would like to get the flowers. Yeah…smart throw right into my arms. Thank you dear!!! Marie picked one of my best friends but as she can’t throw so well she tried to give them to him….and than there was this paranoid security girl again who tried to stop him to come closer to the stage. But he got the flowers and we both were really sparkling afterwards.
For me it was the perfect ending for my last NOTP concert. I’m sooo thankful for everything I experienced this year with Per and Marie. I’m sort of speechless when I look back from spring to winter.
They don’t only make fantastic music they are also great people. I knew that already before but anyway… ;) ;) Also the band of course!!! Clarence, Pelle, Jonas, Christoffer…you rock!!!! 2009…what a year!! Hard to believe!

To all the others who are still on tour now: Have fun in Cologne and Dortmund!
Merry Xmas to everyone and a happy new year 2010.
Let’s keep on roxing!!!

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According to the NOTP Fanpage the Hannover show was filmed for German TV. Most likely on Thursday since extra equipment arrived Wednesday night.