“Hopefully the new album will be realeased before the next Christmas”

Per Gessle gave another interesting interview in Swedish for Lotta Brome from P4 Extra the last week. In this short talk he releaved that the new Roxette album should be released before Christmas 2010 and that Roxette is in the middle of recording at the moment. He also admitted that Marie is extremly motivated and sings ‘bloody fantastic’. They also decided for simplicy and pureness while recordings and a lot of duets.

Sounds hot!


7 thoughts on ““Hopefully the new album will be realeased before the next Christmas””

  1. In the world according to Gessle “before Christmas” term means October/November – just look at “Son of a plumber” or ‘Party crasher” premiere dates.

  2. I think Christmas means Oct/Nov. I hope not too late since the Christmas market is quite crowded and Roxette’s album could get lost between currently bigger names and tons of best-ofs.

    So far they released all studio albums (after POP) in winter/spring and got great chart positions (here in Germany at least. Top 3 from Joyride to RS). Would be great if they reached that again, while we can’t count on it after the long break.

  3. I wouldn’t count on the high chart position. If it sells about 1 mln copies, it will be a GREAT SUCCESS. Don’t expect more, folks. But as we know – never say never, there might be a good timing for Roxette and the album could work on the charts. Who knows? As for now we can only expect something more sophisticated than “Room service”, but not too overloaded as “Have a nice day”.

    We’re even not sure on which labels it will be released all over the world, since Per said that EMI doesn’t really function in Europe. How about Roxette’s deal with EMI? Do they still have to release something?

    There are many questions which need to be answered.

    But after all we will get new photo sessions, videos, interviews and maybe… a tour? So there’s a lot to wait for!

  4. Sure. I remember rumors from spring about Roxette negotiating with different labels. No clue what was behind that…

    I think Roxette don’t have a “x albums for x money” deal anymore since 1997/Roxette Recordings. Only something like a “first right” about releasing for EMI. That said, it’s imho important to stay in good relationship to EMI Sweden for control over the (pre R.R.) back catalogue.

  5. Agree that Room Service was unnatural short and flat. I really like Have A Nice Day uptempo songs and some ballads, Wish I Could Fly and Beautiful Things and Waiting For The Rain are fantastic, don´t like happy ballads (MATAH, Vulnerable). If you compare both albums, than HAND was every-song-is-single and Room Service was album full of outtakes from HAND. If HAND was step in the new unknown level, than RS was step back to find good old Roxette. But it didn´t works. I do believe Roxette 2010 will be more natural, something like driving guitars pop song with modern sound and so much melodies, something like Little Miss Sorrow. This is how could new Roxette sound to me.

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