NOTP tour: “The look” & “Joyride” on Dutch TV

Yesterday the Dutch TV station broadcasted a 50-minutes special on “Night of the Proms 2009” tour. Two Roxette songs were included – “The look” & “Joyride”.

If you want to watch the programme, click here – you have to look after “bekijk uitzending” button. Anyone who can download it and upload it somewhere? The high quality versions would be highly appreciated!

It was recorded in Rotterdam on November 21st.

Thanks to Roxette Holland at TDR for information.

12 thoughts on “NOTP tour: “The look” & “Joyride” on Dutch TV”

  1. Well, yes I know it’s a poor quality – anyway, is it possible if you cut this programme and just post links to “The look” and “Joyride”. Hopefully, there was someone who recorded in HD and share with us later on.

  2. I only could watch and download (WMV) after updating to the latest Perian for Quicktime on Mac OS X. You might try the Quicktime version, there’s a configuration button on the page. The WMV version has better quality for me though.

  3. Yes, it was the Sathurday show in Rotterdam! 21 nov.

    The show of 31 okt in Antwerp is going to be on belgian tv on 27.12.09!

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