Disappointing NOTP radio broadcasts in Germany

Looking forward to the radio broadcasts of the NOTP shows of several German radio stations I listened to Bayern 3, WDR 2 and SWR 1 so far. After having spent three nights in front of the PC listening to the programmes the result is just disappointing:

Only Bayern 3 was able to bring us a “new” recording with “Wish I could fly” and “Joyride” from Munich. On some special they even played “It must have been love” AND interviewed Christoffer Lundquist and Clarence Öfwerman and played “The Look” from Munich, too. Unfortunately, the only thing that annoyed me on this show was the host who talked about Marie as a woman with silver hair. He reacted to emails very quick and admitted that he used some stuff from the CD and recordings from Antwerp/Rotterdam as well. But in the end – this was the best radio special about NOTP in Germany so far.

The next to come was the special on WDR2. They even splitted the NOTP broadcast in two parts on two nights, so I thought we were supposed to get some new stuff. In the end, they played “The Look” and “Listen to your heart” from of the official NOTP CD and “Joyride”, which most probably came from Rotterdam or Munich and was nothing new to us. The host said that Marie looks “static” on stage and that she hasn’t fully recovered yet – well, there is nothing MORE to recover for her. She will stay like that – I think. Of course, we all would be happy if it wasn’t, who knows. In fact the host thought she isn’t in the best of health and said it. In the end – no new recordings here, too.

SWR1 played “Wish I could fly” – which would have been nice to know, because they didn’t play it in the official NOTP hours but BEFORE the show started. Well, in the end there is nothing to be angry about because they also didn’t offer anything new but played the already known version from Munich. When the show started I was happy because they played live stuff which wasn’t on the CD, but now I think it also was the Munich stuff. Looking forward to Roxette the next disapppointment came immediately. Again: No new version of “The Look” and “It must have been love”, but another time from the CD.
Compared to what the Belgium and Dutch channels offered so far this is just really disappointing. But in the end the Belgian/Dutch shows were better as well. So it fits..

Looking to the future… the far away future… well, there will be a TV show about this year’s Proms on Deluxe Music around EASTER. A bit late, eller hur?

Full list:

The Look, Interview, It must have been love, Wish I could fly (from Munich)
Listen to your heart and The Look (from CD)
Joyride (from wherever..)
Thumbs up to Bayern 3, a big Boooh to WDR2 and SWR1 (although the SWR1 host was much nicer and seemed to know all the relevant facts about Marie)

13 thoughts on “Disappointing NOTP radio broadcasts in Germany”

  1. Thats really disappointing, I thought the radio stations would broadcast songs from concerts within their transmission range. So I was hoping for Oberhausen, Cologne or Dortmund from WDR2 and Mannheim or Stuttgart from SWR1.
    I mailed to SWR1 after the show yesterday and asked them from which concert the songs are. But after reading this I guess I already know the answer 🙁

  2. Eehm yes there is a little mistake Kiwein.
    It was Listen to your heart not It must have been love.
    Yeah..it was indeed disappointing but…well that’s MEDIA!!!
    I remember times around 20 years ago where hosts at radio stations really knew something about music. These times are definately over for long already.
    So it’s no wonder…it’s sad but true!
    loss of quality where you look!

    Anyway. I’m also sad that it seems that we won’t get a whole NOTP concert on TV ever. WHY?? Can somebody ask Mr. Hohmeier??? Why did they record the whole show in Hannover and than not send it??
    I don’t want to have a summary. I really would like to have a whole show because I really liked the WHOLE show!!!!!

  3. From the previous years they broadcasted 2 x 1 hour for every edition in the past weeks. So my guess: Same for 2009. Don’t know how much ad breaks were within that.

  4. @Tomos: but it’s said that it will only be a BEST OF on Deluxe around Easter! Not the whole concert… 🙁

  5. I just got an answer from SWR and at the moment I am not sure whether they misunderstood my question or try to fool me. They told me the live recordings were from a concert in Sydney and I could find these songs on the 2009 version of Tourism…
    If it’s true it means they are fooling the listeners…thats what we are paying broadcasting fee for to the GEZ…

  6. We finally took one step forward. Now they told me the recordings were indeed form this year’s NOTP. But I still don’t know from which one… 🙁

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