NOTP broadcasting on television and radio soon!

Make sure you catch one of the broadcastings of this year’s Night Of The Proms with Roxette! Here are the known dates so far. Please feel free to complete if you know more!


TV: 21.12.09, 19:25 – AVRO, Nederland 2


Sunday, 13.12.2009, 16:00-20:00 – BAYERN 3 “Greatest Hits“ (Special „15 Jahre Proms” but incl. songs from this edition)
Monday, 14.12.2009, 22:00-24:00 – BAYERN 3 “Nightlife“
Thursday, 24.12.2009 and Friday, 25.12.2009, 23:00 – WDR 2
Saturday, 26.12.2009, 22:30–24:00 – SWR 1 “Kopfhörer” (Highlights of NOTP 2009)
Date unknown – HR 3
Date unknown – NDR 2

TV: Around Easter – Deluxe Music

Update, 27.12.2009:

The TV dates for Belgium got changed:
Part 1: 27.12.2009, 0:00-0:50 – EEN
Part 2: 03.01.2010, 23:10-0:00 – EEN

All times are CET. To be updated…

Source: NOTP Fanpage | Project_Z

31 thoughts on “NOTP broadcasting on television and radio soon!”

  1. Thanx Mary! That sounds great, better than the official CD. Hope we’ll get all songs through Bayern3 tonight! 😀

  2. Never heard a so badly prepared radio show like this.. hahaha. The Look and LTYH came from the offical CD, so we got WICF and Joyride at least. The “Hi, this is Marie” or “I am Marie” wasn’t Marie and when the guy talked about a woman with “silver hair” I couldn’t believe my eyes. I won’t translate the “rude” part he said. Stairway to heaven came from CD, too, and they cut the best parts – unfortunately.

  3. Aaah, thanks for cutting it. I was about to do it today, haha. But I will cut the rest of the songs, want to have ’em all, haha..

  4. The show was really weird! He talked about Hey Jude being included in TL right after the CD version without it. While on sunday they played the MUC version. And I was totally WTF when the “this is Marie” was aired. Oh my, we’re not deaf! Some of the other comments were quite ignorant as well… I sat there recording the live-stream just to have it break off at the beginning of WICF, so thanx for the records again, Mary!

  5. I am seriously thinking about writing a review about this show for Planet Roxette (in German, of course). I don’t know if they ever read it, but I will feel better after that. Haha..

  6. You can post it to the official (and fan-) NOTP forum as well. At least the Proms producers will read it and maybe give feedback to BR3. Let’s hope for better shows at the other stations!

  7. What’s that? Found on NOTP-fanpage:

    Ausschnitte des Konzerts Nokia Night of the Proms 2009 können wir am 26.12. in der Sendung SWR 1’Kopfhörer’, 22.30 – 24.00 Uhr, hören.

    noch nicht bestätigt, auch kein Programmhinweis bei WDR2 (wahrscheinlich 1. und 2. Weihnachtstag) Stand 20.12.09

  8. SWR1 (radio) broadcasts the best from NOTP 2009.
    WDR2 hasn’t fixed anything yet. Must likely some show on December 25 and/or 26.

  9. Andy at heard an announcement at WDR 2 for broadcasting the Proms tomorrow and Friday at 23:00. Their website says nothing.

  10. Oh no I suspected they were recording Hanover and I was on the front row and they filmed my banner and the flag… for what felt like ever… Oh god, please cut it out, don’t put it on TV!

  11. Some changes :
    Part 1: 27.12.2009, 0:00-0:50 – EEN
    Part 2: 03.01.2010, 23:10-0:00 – EEN
    if they don’t change it again…

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