Happy New Year 2010!

…just like fireworks in the sky…


Some days ago I talked with my best friend on the phone and we talked about our little tradition we started 10 years ago cause we met first on the New Years Eve where we became friends.

We are preparing New Years Rockets with some pics of Per and Marie every year and shoot them into the sky wishing them all the luck on earth. And as we all had such a fantastic Gessle-Roxette-year this year we just got the idea to spread the tradition. Then maybe the sky will be filled with funny Roxette rockets this year…

…Wish I could fly… over the rooftops…!

Thanks to nordish-by-nature from R2R forum for this picture and story.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2010!”

  1. muahahaa..you published this here??
    Haha…yeah the rockets made some nice Crash Boom Bang and most of them turned out to be blue and yellow…don’t ask me why…
    We also found one lying on the street in the snow later..and took it with us again. The pic got wet but everything was in perfect condition…except of the little hat of course…. 🙂

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

    @Sascha…neeeeh…nicht zum Mond geschossen..nur übers Dach…over the rooftops… 😉

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