7 thoughts on “RoxetteBlog.com on Facebook. Finally.”

  1. Tomasz, Judith and I are there. 😛 So, I think it’s ok if you don’t join. 😀 In case you are curious you should. 😀

  2. No need to be afraid, Sascha. It’s quite ok over there. I have my account there since some days…finally 😉

  3. Me too now. While I don’t know if I stay. It’s just another time killer and too much personal info on the net can be a risk regarding work etc. Without being a hobby terrorist or anything. 😛

  4. you don’t need to add information about you if u don’t want to. And you can make your account private.

    MY Lesson Learnt: don’t accept too many work mates and other people you are not too sure about or might become “uncomfortable” as friends. It’s in the beginning nice to have “many contacts” but it becomes a burden in the end.

  5. Decided to leave Facebook yesterday after my browser got in trouble with displaying the pages due to one of my addons. I also think it’s to overloaded and unclear, at least for me. So I’ll stick to the German equivalent “Wer kennt wen”, as all my family and friends are there 😉

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