“Ett nytt varv” with Roxette A.D. 1994

Here we come with 6-parts documentary (unfortunately, it’s in Swedish) from 1994. It is called “Ett nytt varv” (A new time) and describes Roxette hype from the early 90-ies plus some footage from “Crash! Boom! Bang!” days. Enjoy!

PART 2 * PART 3 * PART 4 * PART 5 * PART 6

5 thoughts on ““Ett nytt varv” with Roxette A.D. 1994”

  1. Thanks tomos85. Very nice documentary.
    Parts from Capri are really fantastic. What a fantastic place.


    Btw both Marie and Per (best haircut ever) looked great during this Capri session. Still remember old BRAVO article “Roxette are back! – New album was made in paradise.”
    Would be great to have some documentary from Marbella ’98 also.

  2. @abysmo

    In fact, there is a clip from 1998-Capri disastrous (those who read “Att vara Per Gessle” know what I mean) recordings from one of the interviews on Swedish television 🙂

  3. I watched this documentary for the very first time and untill now I didn’t know that “German Pincette fan club” comes from this documentary! “…and everything” 😀 Does anyone know if these people are still fans (including this girl who sang Listen to your heart)?

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