Roxette to perform on Victoria’s wedding?

The Daily Roxette reveals today that Roxette are very probable to perform on Crown Princess Victoria and her fiancee Daniel’s wedding on June 18th in Stockholm. It is no secret that Victoria likes Gessle’s music since she was on few of his concerts and Per even performed in Victoria’s birthday gala in 2003 (“Födelsedag” & “Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)“).


The wedding and concert will be broadcasted live on SVT1 and many other international TV-stations.

Will we hear new Roxette single then or a classic hit single?

14 thoughts on “Roxette to perform on Victoria’s wedding?”

  1. A ballad seemed to me like a logical choice, but why not something more uptempo to cheer the guests up… maybe “Church of your heart” – it’s not so famous, but it sounds great and it’s a happy song. Or “Run to you”…

  2. Nope, I don’t think it will be these two big ballads (LTYH / IMHBL) as they are about breaking relationships.

    “Run to you” or “Church of your heart” seems to be a perfect choice, but I would love to have a new song then – one of the best way to promote the new album.

    Anyway, do you think Roxette will perform in the similar outfits as ABBA back in ’76? 😀

  3. Maybe that’s why they rehearsed COYH all the time during NOTP. 😛

    Ok, but it’s not fixed yet and I don’t think there will be an official announcement about their participation.

  4. Yes, the single before summer, the album in September, the tour in October-December. Hell yeah, let’s keep fingers crossed!

  5. Didn’t we already know it, when the wedding plans were announced last year? 😀 A new song would be perfect but I wouldn’t bet on it. Maybe Victoria can choose one.

    Btw. I wouldn’t call Victoria only a Gessle fan since she started out as a Roxette fan in the first place… 😉

  6. We did, but now it’s more and more real.

    Of course Vicky was also on Roxette’s gig, but I suppose her “joyride” started in the 80-ies with Gyllene Tider. Am I right?

  7. I don’t know, she was very (!) young in GTs active years. It’s just that “Gessle fan” excludes Roxette/Marie…

  8. Will we win something when we are right??
    An invitation would be nice since I feel so much swedish inside my heart that I ‘d like to throw away my german passport already….
    All the best to the crownprincess and Daniel.
    And Per and Marie…will be there I’m sure!!!!!!

  9. We will have to be really patient as it comes to this performance as the wedding ceremony will take place in 2011 or am I wrong? I remember that first her younger sister is about to get married or maybe it’s the other way round.

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