Roxette to perform in front of 10,000 people on August 14th.

According to Aftonbladet‘s article Roxette is going to perform on a Anderstorp Raceway in Småland region, Sweden on August 14th during “The Race Legends” event. Over 10,000 people will be able to see Roxette’s performance, more than 45,000 will attend the whole event.

“Roxette hasn’t played Sweden since 2001, it feels great to be on stage in Sweden again. This will be much fun, I have been there several times and actually even raced there, too”, says Per Gessle.

According to TDR, the concert will last for about 90 minutes.

At the moment you can buy tickets only for the whole event. There will be few tickets especially dedicated for this concert, but it is unknown when they will be released.



Update: TDR added a short interview with Per. Yes, they aim to play a full show, running 60-70 minutes – but yes, there may be other artists as well. And there are more Roxette “things” to come beside this and the new album!

And Per likes to hear our wishes:

If you have nothing to do…. Pls write down your song suggestions for the Anderstorp show. Look forward to the hidden gems…

The gig is organized by Live Nation.

29 thoughts on “Roxette to perform in front of 10,000 people on August 14th.”

  1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Couldn’t belive my eyes when I started my daily Swedish newspapers routine and found this 😀

  2. OMG! I’m speachless! I just thought about getting a break from internet and your news pulled me back to the chair again 😉

  3. cool!
    I think I will pass however, the place is in the middle of nowhere, and getting there from Sthlm or Gtb is a pain.. oh well, next one 🙂

  4. It’s better to get there from Gothenburg. I was leaving in the municipality next to the place where the concert will be held, so I wouldn’t say it’s in the middle of nowhere.

    Everything will take place in Jonkoping county which is in the middle of Sweden. But if Roxette is going to perform only one gig in Sweden for which they will have to practice a lot, so I’m more than sure that they will also appear on few other summer festival around Europe. Great comeback, great promotion, great… everything 😀

    Waiting for other dates!

  5. I am still sceptical about the 90 minutes thing. I’d really love to believe that but somehow it sounds unrealistic. Is this true?

  6. This is the best birthday present i could have!!
    90 mins concert is moré that what we could spect. This seems to be a real roxette comeback. I hope they will do more concerts around europe, it would be great to see then playing in some european summer festivals.

  7. Txi, I was talking with C about it during lunch.. we are in Swe 2 weeks before that, but are wondering a weekend trip too.. are you going? We could share a car from Gtb 😉
    On the other hand, as Tomasz says.. rehearsing that much for only 1 show? maybe they really do something else..
    If it’s a 90 min full rox show it’s TEMPTING!

  8. Wow, such a surprise! 😀 Though I’m not yet sure Roxette will play a full concert on their own… Doesn’t the article say something like “top act”? Anyway, I’m sure this isn’t the only gig to come! 🙂

  9. I would like to go, a full roxette concert really worths the trip.
    Tomasz theres a big summer festival here in Bilbao, where banda like police, depeche mode, rem have played before. It would be great if roxette could join this year festival. Lets wait and seewhat happends couse i dont think that they aré going to prepare a full rox concert, only for one night, im sure that theres something else going on.

  10. Yay! I remember Per saying that Roxette will start rehearsals after the album recordings in mid-summer if they do concertS… 😀

  11. so, who is thinking of going? Should we start a “Aug14-Fanpool”? Would it make sense to organise a list / forum for finding co-drivers or empty car seats for interested people?

  12. There’s a headache coming up out of the blue… 😮

    I will buy a ticket if I get the chance but I don’t know if I can go yet. I actually work on weekends and I don’t know if I can go, depends on how many football games are on saturday 14th..

  13. I hope that there will be more after that. Then maybe I’ll be able to go… Oh, well. Have fun to everyone who makes it 😉

  14. Great news are coming. This forced me to discuss my summer plans with my Finish coleague and he agreed. So I fly to Helsinki, then boat to sightseeing Stockholm for day or two and then hurray to Anderstorp. Perfect plan, isn’t it? 😀

  15. Yeah… I agree. We should combine our efforts to make this trip possible for those who need to share a car, a room or whatever 🙂

  16. Kirsten, pay the price of love! 🙂

    As Per said in the TDR interview, there will 45,000 on this event, but only about 10,000 on the gig, so maybe that’s the reason why it’s so expensive. Don’t know. I’ve payed around 1000 SEK for seeing Madonna in the golden circle, so it doesn’t suprise me much as Roxette is my bigger love 🙂

    At the moment I will not make final decision – I do hope they can play in other countries – Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland etc. – all these countries have big summer popfestivals where Roxette would find its place, so why not?

    There will be more than one gig, this is for sure!

  17. I’m confused about the tickets. Don’t understand the details yet….How many tix will be available only for the concert? Is that confirmed yet? Can we buy tix from outside Sweden?
    6 minutes break is already over…hahahaha….

  18. More questions: The stage already opens at 12. Does that mean we would have to wait the whole day? Or will the visitors of the earlier shows just leave and they will open the doors again in the evening?

  19. Just corrected the show duration to 60-70 minutes, don’t know why I wrote 50-60… Btw. I wouldn’t put so mch weight on the supposed visitor number 10,000/48,000 since not even Per knows for sure. 😉

  20. I wonder if organizers are going to make any promotion for Roxette concert.. It seems they promote only the race…. Don’t they think all fans will come to Sundsvall because it’s easier to get to? Or Roxette is just a bonus for the race???
    So is anyone still going to Anderstorp or prefer Sundsvall?

  21. Don’t think so. they wanted to promote the concert, but the sale of the tickets itself are not so satisfying as expected. So now the organizer can gain more by promotion the race than Roxette gig. That’s how it goes.

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