What’s going on with Helena?

Some of you may impatiently wait for Helena’s second album. It is still not clear when it will be released. There are few words on Helena Josefsson herself on her website:

I have been busy, studying in Copenhagen, to become an opticitian like my younger sister! I want to work part-time with it along with music, because as a parent I want to give my family more possibilities. And studying takes a lot of time 🙂 But it is fun to learn new stuff! On top of this we live at my mother´s place because of a large renovation of our flat which is really needed.

About my second album I don´t know, who or when it could be released… But the good part is I am working on more music videos for it with friends, and we have started rehearsing with Sandy Mouche which I enjoy more than ever! Just for fun, like when we first begun playing together. And I am planning for a show with my friend Malin Nilsson the magician.

PS: Help Haiti people by purchasing my music on CDbaby
If you buy music from me, my band Sandy Mouche or anyone through the site CDbaby 1 USDollar will go to helping Haiti survivors of 12th January earthquake.

You can even see some pictures of Helena performing Michael Jackson’s songs on her aunt Sofia Josefsson’s blog.

Source: Le Journal des Mouches

5 thoughts on “What’s going on with Helena?”

  1. Hi! Nice to read this article! It is true: there is nothing new about the second album of Helena Josefsson. Still waiting, nobody seems interested in releasing it. 🙁

    Helena Josefsson’s last gig was the tribute to Michael Jackson in Malmö last December 2009. You can watch some videos from that night here: http://helenamouche.blogspot.com/2009/12/dollycamp-ix-en-afton-med-michael.html

    (Btw, Sofia Josefsson is Helena’s sister and the aunt of Charles-Didrik, Martin and Helena’s son).


    Alberto Fuente

    PD: Am I the only one that now read this Roxetteblog more usually than the TDR page.

  2. Are you the one behind Helena’s blog? 🙂
    Normally I don’t like when other websites take content from others, because normally people “forget” to mention where it comes from.
    But this time I must say thanks for mentioning our names and source 🙂
    And thanks for reading!!

  3. Yes, Judith. I try to write the blog about Helena from time to time. I always try to mention the sources, my old posts could have many mistakes though. I try to review the old posts when I have time. I am a newby, it was my first blog and it is not easy to do it by myself. You are a great team here in RoxetteBlog, congratulations!

    I don’t want to overdramatize things, but it is not easy to be a HJ fan nowadays. No new album from 2007 and no solo gig outside Sweden either. I feel we are just a few nice fans waiting for it, the same I can read in guestbooks, blogs or forums from time to time. If you read these words, keep your spirits up!



  4. The blog sounds fantastic. I wish I had known about it earlier. Thanks a lot for mentioning the source and including my name. It’s not the first answer on the part of Helena in response to my question. I’m always so overjoyed when I get a message from her. 🙂
    Le’t hope someone will release her album. Per doesn’t seem interested in that probably because the first debut album wasn’t that successful as they probably thought it would be.

  5. Hi, Kamila! I agree, Gessle does not want to pay for nothing. It is not easy to release a successful album nowadays, just very famous artists sell enough. Maybe Helena should use other ways and release the album online (for example, cdbaby or other website).



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