Wasn’t this a great week? Of course – all of us knew that Roxette would come back this year. But who expected a nearly full length concert this summer? I didn’t and I know that many others didn’t either. It feels so great that Per and Marie still have the power to surprise us again and again. So after some deep breaths we felt the happiness take over – followed by excitement and certainly getting out our filofax, iPhone or Palm (whatever) to see if we can attend the show at all. Place: Something in the middle of nowhere which makes it perfect I think, time: Summer. What more do we need? Yes, tickets. Thinking of tickets the confusion began..

1.) Some people found out that Biljettnu.se seems to be selling tickets for what they call the Roxette concert from Monday on – when I visited the site for the first time they offered tickets for a “Golden Circle” for 950 SEK and “normal” standing tickets for 550 SEK. From what I heard the tickets aren’t fake but too expensive. Biljettnu.se is a ticket reseller, which means they buy tickets from the organizers and sell them for a higher price. So what they are going to do is most probably buying tickets for the race which allow you to join the concert as well. In the meantime – after Roxetteblog.com called the CEO of the event – the prices have disappeared from the Biljettnu.se website.

2.) The CEO made clear that a small number of concert tickets will be sold on their website theracelegends.com and ONLY there. We don’t know the price yet, we don’t know when the sale starts and we don’t know exactly how many tickets will be available, but it’s approx. 1,000-2,000 tickets.

3.) Capacity: The newspapers reported that 45,000 people attend the concert, which seems to be in contradiction to Per Gessle’s words on Facebook and Twitter, who said that the concert is only for about 8,000-10,000 people. According to information on The Race Legends, the concert is for 45,000 and everyone who has a ticket for the race can attend the concert as well.

So, to clarify it at least a bit, with info we have for now.

– If you want to buy tickets which include entrance to the Race the 3 days, head to theracelegends.com and buy one of the race tickets starting at 800 SEK. Concert is included.

– If you want to risk it, go ahead and buy tickets on biljettnu.se from Monday on, we however cannot tell you what kind of tickets they are reselling. Besides that, they seem to be more expensive. You will probably end up paying more than directly at The Race Legends. Again, it’s at your own risk.

– Tickets for the concert only will be on sale via TheRaceLegends.com in short, but we don’t know when the sale starts yet. According to The Daily Roxette, ticnet.se will also be involved in selling tickets.

(UPDATE, 30/01, 12.02 pm): biljettnu.se added a price again. Now they sell a concert-only-ticket for 605 SEK, sent as a pdf file.