According to Jonas Isacsson himself, he will not be the part of Roxette band that will play in Anderstorp. This time it will be The Party Crasher Band, which would mean that Christoffer Lundquist will play the leading guitar and Magnus Börjeson bass. Does it also mean that we can expect to see Helena Josefsson on stage? It is still unclear.

Per & Marie is doing the show with The Partycrasher Band. The Partycrasher Band is good and more rehearsed with the Rox-songs. More suitable for the occasion.

They played lot’s of Rox-songs on the Partychrasher tour. We only did 5 on NOTP. I’m sure Christoffer is going to get it right. He’s a great musician!

Magnus Börjeson confirmed on Facebook that he is going to play with Roxette in August.