Roxette band without Jonas Isacsson

According to Jonas Isacsson himself, he will not be the part of Roxette band that will play in Anderstorp. This time it will be The Party Crasher Band, which would mean that Christoffer Lundquist will play the leading guitar and Magnus Börjeson bass. Does it also mean that we can expect to see Helena Josefsson on stage? It is still unclear.

Per & Marie is doing the show with The Partycrasher Band. The Partycrasher Band is good and more rehearsed with the Rox-songs. More suitable for the occasion.

They played lot’s of Rox-songs on the Partychrasher tour. We only did 5 on NOTP. I’m sure Christoffer is going to get it right. He’s a great musician!

Magnus Börjeson confirmed on Facebook that he is going to play with Roxette in August.

16 thoughts on “Roxette band without Jonas Isacsson”

  1. If I remember right, that’s the first Roxette concert without Jonas. Kinda sad! Especially after his awsome performances at the proms. While I’m sure the band will still be good with Chris and Magnus, I see absolutely no reason why Helena should be there.

  2. Sad, indeed.. as much as I like Chris, Jonas partly creates the Roxette sound, of course, all of them together, but his guitar is just unique. Again, nothing against Chris 🙂
    On the other hand, the party crasher tour wasn’t bad either, a bit more rockier and different sound maybe, and already then I thought Marie would fit in the “rockier” Rox sound, so why not 🙂

  3. I would really love to have another woman on the stage, cos I think Marie needs some kind of female backing while singing. Boys do good job, but I think it would make songs much better with a girl on the vocal somewhere in the background – that’s why I thought about Helena. On the other hand – Chris and Magnus sang on PCT and can do this once again this time on Anderstorp gig (or any other that might pop up).

    Of course, I would love to see the band from the old good times with Anders, Staffan & co, but this times are over.

  4. I think it would be fine with a female singer, but I think Helena and Marie’s voice don’t fit.

    Marie needs a singer who sings similar like her, that’s what I think backing vocals should sound like at least 🙂 When we talk about female with female bv.
    See Madonna or Pink, you can sometimes not even distinguish 😉

  5. Please… No Helena…. I don’t have anything against her as long as she’s outside Roxette. I think her voice doesn’t fit Roxette music…

  6. I fully agree. Actually I thought it sounded terrible in Amsterdam and Stockholm. Uaaaah. Nah, doesn’t work.

  7. Actually I think it’s too difficult to find a voice to fit Marie’s voice.. Marie’s voice and her way of singing is unique 🙂

  8. So right.. that’s why I think it was a good idea to do the last tours without a female background singer. Though – the background girls from NOTP were really good.. and it sounded great.

  9. yes, they sounded great because.. you almost didn’t notice them and IF, they didn’t “disturb” 😉 That’s what makes great backing vocals to me 😉

  10. Helena disturbs already visually. *thinks-about-girl-doing-‘Huppsa-Lauf’-in-golden-dress-behind-Marie and-Per* 😛

    Nothing against Helena as a person or artist – she just doesn’t fit Roxette (and my personal taste).

  11. @Sascha: ROFL!!
    Yeah…nothing against sweet Helena but I have to agree. Her voice is too different to Maries.
    Sad that Jonas won’t be there. We will miss him. But okay, Chris will do a great job too!!

  12. I always thought Marie and Mia Lindgren made a great team – wonder what she’s up to nowadays?

  13. I’m 100% agree with all of you! I think Helena has no strenght in her voice like Marie… or Madonna or Pink.
    And honestly I don’t like her voice at all…
    Would be great a strong “Rock & blues” female voice behind Marie’s voice… would add strenght to songs like “hotblooded”, “sleeping in my car”, “I remember you” and so. In few words: even if the Partycrasher band is very professional (no discuss) I like the Roxette’s band of the golden times.

  14. I like your article very much. Thank you.

    “Does it also mean that we can expect to see Helena Josefsson on stage? It is still unclear”.

    The appearance of Helena with Per Gessle’s solo band depended on Per. Now the appearance of Helena with Roxette depends on both Per and Marie. Let’s wait before judging the final result. I honestly think the voices can fit. We are just most used to listen to her voice in Per Gessle’s albums. Remember Helena has worked as backing singer with many different artists (The Ark, Andreas Johnson, Junior Senior, Ossler, Swan Lee, Arash, …) and her voice range is really wide.

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