More info about the Anderstorp gig

(UPDATED, 16.21 CET): According to the audience will be allowed to  enter the event area at 17.00 CET (which either means we’re talking about two different stages or a re-organization of the so far known schedule for this day):

So, we have two different kinds of tickets – concert-only tickets for 650 SEK which can be bought at  and 3-days-race-tickets including the concert for 850 SEK which can be purchased at

Then we have a schedule with the stage program starting at noon. Until now many of us didn’t know and wondered how the entrance will be done since the owners of a 3-days-race-ticket can of course join the stage program starting at noon which is also included in the ticket. So as far as I know a lot of fans already bought the full package for 850 SEK just to be sure to stand the closest to the stage.

Thanks to Yana who sent a mail to the CEO we now know that everyone – no matter which ticket for the concert you have – has the same chances to reach the front row:

There will only be one type of ticket to the Roxette concert, regardless of if you have race ticket or a concert ticket.
The stage is located in the event area and there will only be standing tickets. No special tickets for close to the stage are available.
Both those who have a race ticket and those who have a concert ticket only will be forwarded in to the stage area at the same time.

So, the questions change from “how and when do we get in?” to “How does this work when there’s actually artists on stage performing before 17.00? Are there two stages, more entrances? And how do those with the 3-days-ticket get in to enjoy the stage program during the day?

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  1. Yes, although we now know doors open at 17.00 there’s still a bunch of questions which I added (and edited the rest).

  2. Well, it CAN happen that this won’t work at all because they don’t expect strange behaving pushing hectical international Roxettefans but people with picnic baskets…as usual in lovely calm Sweden. 😀

    03) According to your answer, “as the stage area is closed before the concert, everyone (both concert and race visitors) have to line up before entering the stage area” and according to the information I read, I still have a question:
    As the stage is located inside the race area, people who have race tickets will access the concert area / line before the ones who have concert tickets only (allowed to enter around 17:00). So how it coud be solved? As I could understand even if I “sleep on the line” in the event gateway (as roxette fans use to do – but no me!) people with race tickets will enter 1st because they have full access to the event (race and concert), so they could choose to go to the race area or directly to the concert area and stay in a line over there.

    Hi again,
    No problem,
    Before the concert no one will have access to the stage area, regardless of what type of ticket you have.
    As the stage area opens, both race ticket visitors and concert ticket visitors will be forwarded to the stage at the same time.
    There are 2 seperate entrences to the stage area, one for race tickets and one for concert tickets and these will open at the same time.
    Visitors who has a race ticket have to que in a line before entering the area aswell as for the concert ticket visitors.

  4. Still doesn’t make sense since there is some stage program going on DURING the time of the entrance at 17.00. So there actually ARE people in the area because otherwise the poor artists wouldn’t have an audience or do I get this completely wrong now?

  5. Maybe there are additional stages for the “smaller” acts. I wouldn’t trust anyone anymore anyway regarding the TRC tickets/entry/schedule. 😛

  6. Thanx Dany for the info!

    But answers rise up new questions… will the 2 entrances be the same distance from the stage?

    It happened at the Madonna concert in Hungary: there were 2 entrances, opened at the same time but one was at least 500 meters closer to the stage…..

  7. Hallo, I wrote an email to Race Legends before I read the Update from mrs.gesslebrazil. Thought you might want to read the answer anyway, as it might explain the situation a bit better (at least in my opinion):
    Hi M,

    There are 2 stages at The Race Legends, one smaller in the event area where music and entertainment will play almost all day and one big stage on the raceway where Roxette will play.
    Both raceticket holders and concert ticket holders will be forwarded to the big stage area at the same time, but from 2 seperate directions which means that you are able to get a good spot at the concert despite of which line you are in.

    So, the race ticket holders will enter the stage area from the event area and the concert ticket holder will enter from there own entrence, but at the same time.

    The event area will be open during the Roxette concert for those who want to be there.
    Hope the information answers your questions.

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