Gessle’s marriage settlement

According to Aftonbladet’s researches among Swedish celebrities’ marriages, most of them have signed marriage settlements. It refers also to Per Gessle and Åsa Nordin’s relationship. In their settlement it is written that in case of divorce, Mrs. Gessle would get half the value of the couple’s apartments, but the rights to Mr. Gessle’s songs would remain totally his.

Other Swedish couples that marriage settlements were analyzed are: Tommy & Ann-Charlotte Körberg, Magnus & Louise Uggla, Liza Marklund & Mikael Aspeborg, Christer & Birgitta Sjögren, Carl Bildt & Anna Maria Corazza, Henning Mankell & Eva Bergman, Björn & Pernilla Skifs, Eva Dahlgren & Efva Attling, Benny Andersson & Mona Nörklit, Stellan Skarsgård & Megan Everett.

Source: Aftonbladet

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  1. Eva Dahlgren, 49, artist

    Vid skilsmässa får Efva Attling, 57, halva värdet på alla tillgångar, royaltys och avkastning som gjorts under äktenskapet. Samma sak gäller för Eva Dahlgren.


  2. may their love be neverending!!!!! Can’t imagine a Per without his Åsa and also no Efva without Eva…and no Marie without Micke…Of course you can’t watch behind the scenes but these are sort of perfect relationships for me…at least they seem so…I hope I’m right! 🙂
    Strage article thinking of Valentines day coming on sunday….;)

  3. I’m with Chrissie here, I thought exactly the same. The words Per, Åsa or Marie, Micke and divorce… naaah… don’t want to think about something like this. And btw, who needs tabloids to be told that Per would keep the rights to his songs in case of divorce… of course he would… no question about that and on the other hand none of our business either…

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