Roxette on Skanderborg Festival in Denmark

Roxette will play on Smukfest (also know as Skanderborg Music Festival). The festival will take place between August 4th and 8th in a beech forest in the vicinity of Skanderborg. It has given it the name “Denmark’s Most Beautiful Festival” (Danmarks Smukkeste Festival). Roxette is the second international artist that was revealed today – British Placebo also will be there.

According to Smufest’s press release there will be two gigs in Sweden. I do not know if it’s a mistake or a typo.

In 2009, Skanderborg Festival was held for the 30th time and is today the second largest festival in Denmark after Roskilde. The festival gatheres more than 45,000 people for the concerts, including 8,500 workers, most of them volunteers.

Source: Smukfest, Ekstra Bladet, Wikipedia

Update: According to TDR Roxette will play on August 8.

9 thoughts on “Roxette on Skanderborg Festival in Denmark”

  1. WOW!!! this is a real Roxette comeback!!! Now i waith a real european tour this year, and for me the new album will be ready this summer!!!

  2. What seems to be a “pre-tour” to bring back roxette to the spotlight to call all the attentions to the new album looks like a real world tour… 5 shows as a promotion to the new album is really… wow…
    As fas as I know the “ex-1st concert” in the race legend event (august 14th) would include only old songs that Per started to ask for suggestions on twitter. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong!
    Well actually I’m really confused now… Will have another concert in Sweden (or not – according to denmark newspaper)? Old songs only or new songs too? World Tour or European Promo Tour to call the attention to the new upcoming album? Tour’s name the same as new album’s name? My brain “is getting coocked” to think about it…

  3. Cool, Skanderborg could be an option for me!* Only 1,5 hours from Flensburg, where I could sleep on our boat. 🙂

    *if nothing happens in Germany

  4. And this date prooves there could be dates earlier in the summer. Anderstorp isn’t the first date…

  5. Really want to know on what day they are going to play. Kent is there on the 8th, Placebo on the 5th. And we know Mr. G has some birthdays to celebrate that week.. although that never kept him from being on stage. 😉

  6. So Evgeny you’re the very first person I know who will be on every Roxette gig this year. We hope you will take your mp3-recorder and will make some kind of bootlegs from each and every gig! 🙂

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