First art exhibition by Roxette fan

Roxette fan Manuel Terrón Browa held his first art exhibition at Salon Capelli in his hometown Osnabrück, Germany. A local newspaper wrote an article about the artist and hairdresser in which also Marie Fredriksson is mentioned. This is the English translation of the article:

Manuel Terrón Browa is not only an artist when it comes to hair. This talented 30 year old with Spanish roots is also passionate about painting. Salon Capelli in Osnabrück, where Manuel works full time, forms the perfect backdrop for a stunning collection of his work. Manuel says he has enjoyed painting from an early age, but the last two years brought a new wave of creativity – the result of which is currently exhibited at Salon Capelli. His art mainly features face studies although he never contemplates the outcome of a painting – he merely acts on inspiration.

The style however, is always abstract with pure, clean lines and sparse use of colour. “Abstract art”, says Manuel “lends itself perfectly for individual interpretation, for reading between the lines …”
Being a devoted admirer of Marie Fredriksson, the Swedish star of Roxette, Manuel admits that he is hugely inspired by her life and work. Marie was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2002 and resolved to painting as part of her recovery process. I see her as a talented yet humble person, a survivor with fighting spirit and someone who sets an example to all with her positive outlook on life. Manuel dedicated a book of his works of art to Marie which he presented to her at a recent show. “I wanted to show her how greatly she’s admired and appreciated by all her fans.” says Manuel.

The few pieces currently on show at Salon Capelli, 48 Pagenstecherstraße, Osnabrück, are selected from Manuel’s impressive portfolio of between 80–90 paintings and are for sale. Art Gallery enquiries are also welcome. For further information see

Last weekend Manuel celebrated his first art exhibition with fellow Roxette fans and many other people. Take a look at some pictures:

Thanks to Chrissie for sending in the article and the pictures.

8 thoughts on “First art exhibition by Roxette fan”

  1. Congrats!!!! I’ll do it too!!! I’m good on it! 😉
    Good Work Manuel! Next Art Exibition in Argentina With Fans Too!! 😉

  2. I think I recognise you from NOTP, were you the guy I was sat next to in Hanover on the front row? And also the guy who had the really cool homemade Roxette jacket on in Köln? If so then you may remember me as the UK fan! 🙂

    Fantastic art work… a real talent! You can see the inspiration from Marie style, the work you have done is extraordinary and so amazing!

  3. Manuel: I wish the best from Argentina. I think it`s good idea to bring exibition to Argentina Im according with Magnus Hakan! Good luck!!!!.

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