15 thoughts on “Randaberg Roxette ticket, Norway.”

  1. That should be a VIP ticket, Ivanych. 😉 (earlier entry)

    Was thinking about going to Norway, too, but now all tickets are gone…

  2. After it took me 5 mins to log in I forgot what I wanted to write here, but it must have been something like: my last option is Moscow in September. Can’t go to Denmark or Norway. Was thinking about Norway, too, but I was too late. Actually I think Anderstorp will be the only show I will see and I am somehow totally fine with it. I saw Kent on saturday and I will most probably attend another show in July in Stockholm. 🙂 So, it’s either Kent OR Roxette and at the moment I think I go for Kent, just because it’s so much easier to get there..

  3. yes, at the moment the roxette concert is sold out on billettservice.no, but i suppose they will add at least 2,000 tickets before the gig. so stay tuned!

  4. Hi!

    Don’t you know anybody who is interested in 1(only one) Roxette VIP ticket to the Norwegian concert?

  5. Hey Evgeny, I don’t want any extra plus for the ticket. It is a VIP one and it costed 990 Norwegian crowns. Unfortunetly my friend can not come with me and i don’t want to lose the ticket.


  6. sorry, I had problems with the internet connection. UPC forever .-)))
    can you send me your e-mail address, and I can contact you. We will find a way how to realize. Thanks

  7. I am looking for a VIP ticket for the concert, do you know someone that resale one?


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