“PER GESSLE OFFICIAL” site on Facebook.

Now it will be much more simple. Per Gessle will not have to accept each and every person who wants to be his friend, but still he will have the possibility to share with all fans the essential informations regarding Roxette and other music projects he is involved in. Become PER GESSLE OFFICIAL‘s site.

It is very probable that from now on only possible way to follow Per Gessle on Facebook will be becoming fan of this site.

2 thoughts on ““PER GESSLE OFFICIAL” site on Facebook.”

  1. I don’t personally use pages anymore on Facebook as they show up in the standard search when people are looking for you… and it removes any privacy you might want within the boundary of using Facebook! It’s part of the downside of one of the stupid FB changes they made last year and some people need to protect their identify especially since I’m heading in the direction of a health related career this year when I start my nurse training. Sometimes the rules on FB are so annoying, I use to enjoy having pages to keep up with the latest news on things but now I have none listed, although saying that my account on FB has been deactivated for almost six weeks and I’ve not missed FB yet!

    As for Per’s new page, good idea I suppose, what with Snowfish, now a FB page and Twitter… is he ever away from his PC or laptop these days, he’ll be needing a PA soon just to do his website daily updates!

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