Let’s help Roxette to make their setlist!


The idea is very simple.

You write down your own TOP 3 of Roxette’s songs you would like to hear on the concert(s?) in 2010. No 1 gets 3 points, no 2 – 2 points, no 3 – 1 point. In the end of March we will summerize all the lists and make the final setlist. We do hope the Man will read it and… use it 🙂

So, join the joyride everybody!

Edit: TOP 12 so far… /February 4th, 9.30 CET/

1. The sweet hello, the sad goodbye
2. Silver blue
3. Run to you
4. Keep me waiting
5. Fading like a flower
6. You don’t understand me
7-8. Watercolours in the rain / June Afternoon
9-12. Hotblooded / Jefferson / Crush on you / Breathe

88 thoughts on “Let’s help Roxette to make their setlist!”

  1. 1. June Afternoon
    2. Jefferson
    3. How Do You Do!

    The different band could be a chance to give How Do You Do! a try playing live again.

  2. Wish I could fly
    Fading like a flower
    It’s very difficult, I like all the Roxette songs

  3. 1) Keep Me waiting’
    2) Silver Blue
    3) Staring at the Ground

    Besides this wonderful and magic songs, i think that “Love is all” is the perfect ending song for the RoxTour. It’s been always like an anthem to me.

  4. 1) sweet hello, sad goodbye
    2) a thing about you
    3) breathe

    Per revealed in a recent interview that he wanted Breathe to be released as a single and he’s very proud of this song so I would go for songs that they never played live in any other tours, we all know that they’ ll play FLAF or LTYH or TL, it is pointless to vote for them

  5. My choices:

    1-The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
    3-Silver Blue

    But it would be nice to hear also:

    The heart shaped sea
    Come Back (Before You Leave)
    (I Could Never) Give You Up
    She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
    Neverending Love
    A thing about you
    (Do You Get) Excited?
    Almost Unreal
    Cinnamon St.

    And of course, a must have

    The Look
    Spending my time
    Things will never be the same
    The Big L
    Dressed for Success
    Church of your heart

    Oj,oj oj .. how about

    How do you do ?
    The Center of the heart
    You don’t understand me
    Wish I could fly
    Sleeping in my car

    So many good songs, so little time !

  6. Do the Roxette have any plan come to Taiwan? I very expect if they can come again.
    1.Fading like flower
    2.Silver blue

  7. Well seeing as I finally got my ticket and have booked all my flights to come over from Australia I guess I’d better add my list….

    1. 7 Twenty 7 (sounded magic on Gessle DVD)
    2. Lies
    3. Little Miss Sorrow

    And 5 others I would really love to see live

    Silver Blue
    Crush on You
    She doesn’t Live Here Any More
    Sleeping single
    Cinnamon St

  8. 1. knockin’ on every door – 3pts
    2. physical fascination – 2pts
    3. crazy about you – 1pts

  9. I voted some time ago, but I hope the results (updated in February) are different now. “The sweet hello, the sad goodbye” sounds too old-fashioned and boring. I don’t know why, but I have never liked this song, sorry. It wouldn’t fit a concert at all.

    I from TAIWAN I come you can come to TAIWAN again
    I so love your song thank U

  11. Opportunity Nox & 7Twenty7 since they were the greatest songs on the Party Pleaser tour.
    Besides it would be nice to hear “Things Will Never Be The Same” performed like on the
    Live in Zürich recording.

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