The idea is very simple.

You write down your own TOP 3 of Roxette’s songs you would like to hear on the concert(s?) in 2010. No 1 gets 3 points, no 2 – 2 points, no 3 – 1 point. In the end of March we will summerize all the lists and make the final setlist. We do hope the Man will read it and… use it 🙂

So, join the joyride everybody!

Edit: TOP 12 so far… /February 4th, 9.30 CET/

1. The sweet hello, the sad goodbye
2. Silver blue
3. Run to you
4. Keep me waiting
5. Fading like a flower
6. You don’t understand me
7-8. Watercolours in the rain / June Afternoon
9-12. Hotblooded / Jefferson / Crush on you / Breathe