Let’s help Roxette to make their setlist!


The idea is very simple.

You write down your own TOP 3 of Roxette’s songs you would like to hear on the concert(s?) in 2010. No 1 gets 3 points, no 2 – 2 points, no 3 – 1 point. In the end of March we will summerize all the lists and make the final setlist. We do hope the Man will read it and… use it 🙂

So, join the joyride everybody!

Edit: TOP 12 so far… /February 4th, 9.30 CET/

1. The sweet hello, the sad goodbye
2. Silver blue
3. Run to you
4. Keep me waiting
5. Fading like a flower
6. You don’t understand me
7-8. Watercolours in the rain / June Afternoon
9-12. Hotblooded / Jefferson / Crush on you / Breathe

88 thoughts on “Let’s help Roxette to make their setlist!”

  1. ah, great that Excited is on the list, it was a choice from me too 😉
    And I thought it would be cool to listen to Neverending Love live. It was a hit in Sweden, and they’ve played it live before (long ago, but still ;))

  2. @AbominableSnowman:

    Yes, some of the suggested songs have been played before (e.g. C!B!B!, Watercolours in the rain), but they’re in no way obvious choices for a recent performance. On the last tour they mixed C!B!B! with Anyone (so it might as well disappear from the setlist entirely) and Watercolours hasn’t been played in a long time. That’s why I’d been suggesting them. Also the PC-Tour showed that – at least Per – isn’t one to take great risks. Due to the suggestions back then he ‘should’ have played a lot more rare stuff, which he didn’t do in the end (and which was fine after all as he made up for it with fantastic new versions of the classics). I don’t think it’ll be different this time (but I’d of course like to be proven wrong). So besides that they won’t play any B-sides, I highly doubt that there’s going to be for instance “I remember you” (which I’d love to hear by the way), “Shadow of a doubt” or “It takes you know time to get here” on the setlist.

    I’m totally with you when it comes to the really obvious choices like IMHBL, The Look, Dressed for Success, FLAF or the new single. Of course these won’t be left out!

  3. I think in the end they’ll play what sounds good so my guess is that they will at least give our suggestions a go & see how they sound. From a long time fan point of view I really want to hear songs they have never done live before its much more exciting & I think different arrangements of the older hits (like the PC tour) is also a good idea. I get easily bored with the original versions.

    The only real concern i have with all these suggestions is how Marie will go with the lyrics since she had a some what difficult time even with the mega hits at the Proms & I really don’t like to see her struggling.

  4. 1. Better off on her own
    2. Happy Together
    3. The sweet hello the sad goobye.

    Oh, I know that it is very probable they play Spending my time… would be great if they make an opening of the song with an orchestra… playing the solo of the song… what do you think????

  5. I also want to here a cover on ” Simon say`s” with 1910 Fruitgum Company. Gum with little taste of raspberry, perhaps..!

  6. Can i post twice?? :p

    1 Dangerous
    2 Here comes the weekend (c’mon such a fantastic song!!!)
    3 The rain

    (i actually think they have to play the whole Tourism album live =)

  7. The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye 3pts
    Surrender 2 pts
    (Do you get) Excited? / So Far Away 1 pts

    (yeah i know i’m cheating but both songs should be played 😉

  8. YEah, listenning to my MP3 player on the train yesterday I also got the idea with SURRENDER!!
    It was one of the first ones I totally fell in love with when I became fan…I guess it was after buying the Dangerous Maxi CD.

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