NOTP on German TV – part 1.

In the first part of “Night of the Proms 2009” from Hannover “Wish I could fly” as well as Deluxe Music TV id with Per Gessle and very short interview with Man himself were broadcasted today. Tomorrow at 7 PM CET the second part will be shown and most likely we will be able to watch “The look” and “Joyride”.

If you would like to catch tomorrow’s show, check this site out. And if someone has recorded the programme in high quality, just feel free and post a link for downloading in comment section 🙂

11 thoughts on “NOTP on German TV – part 1.”

  1. Wow that was bringing back memories…pheew..

    I asked my brother to record it on harddisk. But if he recorded it like it was said only until 20:00 we will miss the last 15 minutes…even tomorrow…cause my brother is not at home…but we will see.
    So I can tell you much later if we succeeded and than maybe I can upload it somewhere…but the whole show??? Where to upload such a big file???

  2. It depends how big it will be. Over 300 mb? If not, try or just zip it in 100mb-parts. It’s quite simple.

  3. Thank you guys. I will watch it on the internet. By the way Tomos85, to which Roxette concrt are you going? I have tickets to the Norwegian one.

  4. @tomos85 Can I ask a direct contact of you? (e-mail, messenger, skype, facebook name). Maybe I can help you.

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