Per Gessle’s personal Facebook site to be closed?

At least you can conlude this from what Per has written on his personal Facebook site recently:

Roxette? Son of a Plumber? Gyllene Tider? Try PER GESSLE OFFICIAL on Facebook! This page will close down eventually. Cheers, P.

This page was created in November 2009 by Per Gessle himself. Since March 2010 there is PER GESSLE OFFICIAL SITE, where you can follow Per’s songs of a day and other thoughts. No changing in Twitter or Snowfish accounta at this point.

3 thoughts on “Per Gessle’s personal Facebook site to be closed?”

    Well..we will see. One official PG-FB-page would be enough don’t you agree? Right now he is posting lots of things twice. One time at Per Gessle and the other at Per Gessle Official -site…Well, I don’t mind. He is allowed to “spam” my account 24 hours a day. 😉
    But how much time does The Man spend in front of the Computer everyday I wonder…if it’s true that he reads all the comments..which I don’t believe cause than he wouldn’t have time to write and record new songs any longer…(wwuaaaahh)

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