New Roxette album postponed to 2011

As The Daily Roxette reports, the upcoming Roxette album got moved from end of this year to early 2011. The recordings go well, but they plan to have a summer break (where they’ll perform live around the Baltic sea) to resume recording until October. The actual plan is to record 16 songs with the first single to be released for Christmas 2010.

Comment: In my opinion that’s a good decision!
– The current EMI turmoil could lead to a quite insecure release/promotion situation this year. EMI was rumored to have postponed the next Coldplay album for example.
– The pre-christmas market is always very crowded with album releases. Nobody knows if Roxette’s name is still big enough to gather enough attention between such a huge competition. Roxette have a good history of winter/spring releases (all studio albums except (POP and LS).
– Judging from previous release interviews they always got fresh inspiration through a recording break.

I guess a first single already 2-3 months in advance of the album will keep us more excited than single/album released within 2 weeks… 😀

7 thoughts on “New Roxette album postponed to 2011”

  1. Another 2 months and we have a decade of waiting. 🙂 Ok, but let’ s hope that new album will worth it. 12 songs and 42 mins seems not enough this time. What about double album with 16 songs?

  2. I doubt they’ll put all recorded songs on the album. 14 would be nice. 3-4 left for b-sides. I could imagine Per writing additional tracks through the summer…

    The push to 2011 makes it quite a round date: 10 years since the last album, 25 years of Roxette! While it’ll be almost 2 years since the comeback announcement. Time’s running so fast these days!

  3. They can record more than 16 songs. For HAND they recorded more than 30 new songs.
    I hope for at least 14 songs. Latest Per/Roxette songs were really short, between 3 and 3 and a half minutes, which makes 36 to 42 mins. If you compare it with previous albums (POP – 12 songs / 48 mins, LS – 13 / 55, J – 15 / 59, T – 16 / 71, CBB – 15 / 62, HAND – 14 / 56, RS – 12 / 43) and don’t count POP and RS, all of their albums were long about 60 minutes. Album with 40 mins is only 2/3 album to me, extended EP, something like dinner without the soup. 😉

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