8 thoughts on “Roxette on Smukfest”

  1. Oh cool. Kent and Roxette on the same stage. This would have been PERFECT for me if only I could go!!! On the other hand it means you can’t leave your place once you have it and are forced to watch all artists all day long, doesn’t it?

  2. But the main problem is: Stage A or B! There are two stages at Bøgescenerne and you have to decide if you go to the left or the right!!! I hope someone is telling us where Roxette will play way before the concert, so we don’t end up in front of the “wrong” stage! :o(

  3. Can’t believe that Kent and Roxette will play in the same place. Sounds perfect to me except the fact i won’t go.

  4. @big-little-girl are there two stages with the same name? can you give me source of this information?

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