turns one year old

April 2009. All of a sudden, many things were going on in the Roxette world.

Per was on his Party Crasher Tour, rumours that Marie was to join Per in one of his shows, rumours about “Night of the Proms”, information was posted here and there, it was hard to keep up with all informations and then this crazy idea just came to our minds.

A website which would (try to) gather all news and  more and less relevant information about Roxette and anything related.  The idea was to simply collect information from newspapers, forums, Facebook and who knows where else from in one place and make it easier for everybody to keep up with it.

A year has passed by. First thought that comes to my mind, “what? one year already?”. And then I can only think back and smile and feel proud of what we’ve reached so far. To put it in numbers:

334,653 total views
8,620 views on our busiest day (October 24th!)
ca 1,000 views per day
515 followers on Facebook
500 articles
254 users on the website
217 on Twitter

If I had to pick up a highlight during the past year,  it definitely has to be Roxette’s comeback on May 6th in Amsterdam, also one year ago. And then Night of the Proms. And the interviews with Jonas, Christoffer and Clarence.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without your daily support and we appreciate your comments, emails, reporting of news, that help this website making better and better. Thanks also to tomos85, Kiwein, Sascha and Abysmo for all your hard work and keeping up with everything which is going on around Per and Marie.

And talking about birthdays, Planet Roxette, the Roxette website in German, turns 10 this year. Congratulations!

12 thoughts on “ turns one year old”

  1. Yay, much fun so far! And great times for Rox on the horizon… 😀 It’s just quite hard to keep up with Tomasz’ pace of reporting! 😉 Unbelievable that Roxette was on ice until May 5, 2009.

  2. I’m just using Google and my Swedish skills 🙂 Thanks for this year, girls and boys!

  3. Happy Birthday! One of the best sites to visit if you want to know what’s up. Thank you all and keep up the good work!

  4. Happy birthday! I loved TDR (I still love it) but Roxetteblog is my favourite Rox-related site right now. It’s open to “more and less relevant information” and that’s good for someone like me: it’s good that Roxette are back but I miss Per Gessle’s “solo” projects.

    Congratulations, team. You have lots of loyal readers.

  5. Happy Birthday! You turned out to be the fastes Rox-News-Site!! Good job!! Thank you!!!!

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