6 thoughts on “Watch Åsa Gessle’s interview on TV4”

  1. For me it was interesting to hear Åsa, since as they say she has traditionally taken a step back! The last part when they talk about the tight relation between Åsa & Per and about “Tycker om när du tar pâ mig” is really sweet!

  2. Great stuff! Thank you!! I like her taste and style. I always love to stay in Hotel Tylösand cause it’s so comfortable, cosy…well okay..the rooms need a redecoration …really..but the rest is fantastic! Inspiring! The lamp looks like a little TV-set on this pic though..would be interesting to take a closer look at it.

  3. Nothing really knews. It’s about Asa’s way to becoming designer, about her passion to decorate rooms and arrange houses and about her love to Per. The same old staff. It’s a pity I cannot write down the transcription of this interview but it takes so much time and I’m not so good at doing such works.

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