Official Roxette channel on YouTube?

You may have noticed that it got harder and harder to find official Roxette music videos on YouTube in the past months. That banning of “official” content is a matter of copyright issues between YouTube, music labels and the recording rights organisations. Now it appears that a user called “roxette” uploaded all the Roxette videos into a channel called “Roxette”.

Well, the channel already exists since 2006 but the videos only got uploaded 2 weeks ago. According to the channel page, it’s an official YouTube partner based in Sweden. Who’s behind this? EMI, Per or the management? Or just a fan – despite the “partner” tag? What speaks for EMI is the rather low video quality… but at least they’re available again!

Link: Roxette channel on YouTube

PS. Um, the presence of “Fireworks” may speak against Per… 😉

Update: EMI Germany is linking to this channel! works as well. Looks pretty official!

3 thoughts on “Official Roxette channel on YouTube?”

  1. It seems like it could be the official one (finally!). After not-very-used Per Gessle official account now it’s time for Roxette. the site looks quite depressing and I do hope they will change it soon, if it’s EMI or Dimberg behind it. I like it!

  2. And you mean that the low quality speaks for EMI? You mean they cannot upload high quality clips? 🙂

  3. In this case I think they don’t want to, to keep the DVDs interesting… 😉

    I saw there’s an official Rox account by EMI Germany too, not used.
    Edit: it’s the same!

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